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Kitchen Wall Pass Through: After a month of sleuthing into my house's structural makeup, I decided to visually open up the non-bearing wall between So in an effort to plan as much as possible, and not alert the wife, I cut a small hole in the sheetrock to get a good view of the interior without her noticing

A small home with a big garden. Living in a small studio doesn't mean you can't go big on your love A folding table and chair set makes dinner outdoors possible in a minute flat. Just add a small This kitchen is an open (cook)book, with much of its contents covering the walls in an intensely inspiring

One-wall kitchens are generally encountered in small homes or efficiency apartments where floor space is very limited. By containing the kitchen space to a single wall section more space remains for other functions and features. This is very common when the kitchen is open and shares the room

6 Small Galley Kitchen Ideas That Are Straight Up Great. These small galley kitchens prove that long and Common Kitchen Layouts: One-Wall Kitchen For the Small Home Typically found in small A kitchen island is useful in many aspects. To mention a few, providing your family a spot to sit, eat and

SMALL KITCHENS Kitchen of the Week: Space-Saving Tricks Open Up a New York Galley. A wall teardown and custom treatments add more options for living and entertaining in a Colors, not walls, now define spaces in this once-dreary home — and the new airy garden overlook helps too.

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