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Choosing a new air conditioning system for your home can be stressful. Here's 6 different types of air conditioners to choose from. Of all the different types of air conditioners, this is the most common type of cooling system as it is the most preferable for larger homes due to its ability to cool efficiently.

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Looking to buy the best air purifier for a family member? We've got you covered. Many of us can't install window units, though, either because we have slider windows or because of fire code. If you're about to suffer through one more increasingly hot summer without relief, a portable unit can help.

The smallest portable air conditioners can cool down rooms with more efficiency, and take up less space. These are the best small AC units for your home. If placed in the middle of the room, make sure to contain the exhaust pipe's end in a bucket for the condensate that will drain from the unit

Types of Air Conditioners Central: These units are built to cool an entire house and are big and expensive. Mini Split: working the same as a big central unit but mini split's are smaller and cost less. Portable: Portable A/C units are mobile often on wheels and pump out hot air through a tube roughly

This tiny little unit (and I do mean tiny) packs quite a punch considering its diminutive size. It measures just 7.24 by 8.54 by 8.14 inches, but boasts a cooling power of up to 1360 BTU, and claims to keep an area of about 43 square feet relatively cool. And while I was quite skeptical about what a cube the size