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Small home plans maximize the limited amount of square footage they have to provide the necessities you need in a home. These homes focus on functionality, efficiency, comfort, and affordability.

Find 100's of beautiful small house plans that are affordable. Builder-ready, guaranteed to meet residential code compliance with full structural details.

Our small home plans may be smaller in size but are designed to live and feel large. Most of these plans have been built and come in all floor plan types and exterior styles.

Small house plans do not mean giving up luxury, features, or comfort. We give as much attention, sometimes We incorporate the best features of our house plans in every small home we design.

Small house plans are ideal for young professionals and couples without children. These houses may also come in handy for anyone seeking to downsize, perhaps after older kids move out of the home.

Small Home plans are also gaining popularity for the same reasons Tiny House plans have but are geared towards permanent location while still adhering to the modest lifestyle of tiny house living.